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Achieve Maximum Use of Peripheral Vision

Offering hope for patients with impaired vision


Offering hope for patients with impaired vision
l Perceptual Programming was created by Low Vision Doctors and Occupational Therapists with over 30 years of experience in helping those with visual impairments lead more productive lives.


Our Mission 

   Restore Visual Function

   Enhance Independence

   Improve Quality of Life



Conditions that are most amenable to Peripheral Perceptual Programming:


   Macular Degeneration

   Diabetic Retinopathy

   Stargardt’s Disease

   Macular Holes


Peripheral Perceptual Programming

  1. Identifies healthy areas of peripheral retina that has useful vision.

  2. Programs the brain to aim and move these healthy areas for improved vision.

  3. Peripheral  Perceptual  Improves  vision results in increased confidence, safer mobility, improved quality of life and greater independence!

  4. After visual improvement, we strongly recommend Low Vision Services for low vision glasses and magnifiers for maximum enjoyment of increased vision.

New Horizon Home Health Care Inc.

We use proprietary techniques developed at the Low Vision Institute in Florida to find the best possible retinal locus. Our Occupational Therapists use proprietary exercises to train the brain in using that area.


A New Dawn for Central Vision Loss Patients
When  nothing  more  can  be  done  with medicine or surgery:

 “Yes, we can help!”


A Better Way

Over 90% of our central vision loss patients achieve a significant improvement in their:



   Reading Speed & Accuracy

   Ability to Safely Move About

   Activities of Daily Living


   Quality of Life


“To date, the most promising way to improve reading and other types of related visual functions in peripheral vision is perceptual learning.”


Susana T. L. Chung, OD, PhD, FAAO School of

Optometry, Berkeley, California


“Central vision loss increased risk of fall or injury (in the elderly) by 2.8 times...”


Los Angeles Latino Eye Study, Ophthalmology, February 2010


“It is nothing that you will read in a newspaper, but a new world has been opened.”


Joseph  Paulin,  73,  Studio  City,  California

Completed therapy, June 2010


New Horizon Home Health Care Inc.


Medicare pays for 100% of services rendered.

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